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Strict dietary rules that need to be considered in order to remain healthy

Some people choose to go on a strict diet in order to get the ideal body weight. Unfortunately, often the way a strict diet is done is not right, so it is not effective in losing weight. If you think that a strict diet can lose weight quickly, maybe you need to change that thinking. This is because gradual weight loss tends to be more effective and healthy. Even so, sometimes a strict diet is needed if you want to reach a certain target weight in a short time, for example before marriage or due to a medical condition. But remember, a strict diet is not recommended to be done in the long run. Strict Recommended Diet Rules In undergoing a strict diet, there are several things that must be considered so that the strict diet that you live to stay healthy and not actually dangerous, namely: 1. Get into breakfast When on a healthy, strict diet, you are advised to start the day with breakfast. If you eat breakfast, the desire to eat unhealthy foods and eat in excess portions at lunch
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Recognize Various Types of Anesthesia and Side Effects

In medicine, pain when undergoing surgery or other medical procedures can be relieved by administering anesthesia. Anesthesia itself means loss of taste or sensation in the body, and there are various kinds. The way anesthetics work is by stopping or blocking nerve signals from the pain center that the patient will feel during surgery or when undergoing certain medical procedures. Anesthesia can be given in various forms, such as ointments, sprays, injections, or gases that the patient must inhale. Three Kinds of Anesthesia Anesthesia can be divided into three types, namely local, regional and general anesthesia. Each type of anesthesia has a different way of working and purpose, the following is an explanation: 1. Local anesthesia Local anesthesia is done by blocking the sensation or pain in the area of ​​the body to be operated on. This type of anesthesia does not affect consciousness, so patients will remain awake during surgery or medical procedures. Local anesthesia can b

Know What Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy, which combines behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy. Both of these therapies aim to change the mindset and response of patients, from negative to positive. A person's mindset towards something can affect his emotions and behavior. For example, someone whose marriage ends in divorce will think that he is not a good partner, and does not deserve a relationship. The mindset will make him despair, then trigger it to distance themselves from the social sphere. If the condition is left, he will be trapped in a cycle of negative thought patterns, emotions and behavior. In cognitive behavioral therapy, patients who experience conditions like the one above will learn how to think positively, so that it will produce emotions and positive behavior as well. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be done in personal sessions, either in person or via telephone and video calls. Therapy can also be done in groups, both with family members